Girl of The Alamo: Chapter 6

Co-Authored By: Essie Lamar


“We are part of the resistance forces, we believe that you could be a valuable asset to our forces and we would like you to join on as a spy. What do you think?” With little hesitation, I replied, “ Yes, of course”. It was then they led me to a back room of the bar and there waiting was a lady sitting behind a sewing machine and all around her were different dresses, suits, and even common folk clothing. The men then left and the lady walked over and introduced herself “ Hello, I’m Florence I’m the disguise personnel and I’ve been told that I should make you an outfit and show you to your sleeping quarters.” She then started measuring my waist, arms, and legs. Then she pulled out 4 different fabric patterns and asked which I liked best. I went with gold, light pink, beige, and light brown pattern. After I chose a fabric pattern she brought me up a set of stairs and told me there was no washbasin. She also let me know that it had been requested that I go to the meeting tonight at 8 o’clock in the library, which was down a stair and to the right.  

I circled my room, keeping my eyes mainly on the dusty-looking, worn-out bed. Springs popped out here and there. I sat down in an attempt to push the springs back to their hiding place. I glanced at my clock and saw that it was 7:30, so I decided to go and meet some of the people I’d be working with. After walking down the rickety and creaky stair, I turned right, as Florence had said, and opened the doors to a below-average library room. A few scratched-up books were tossed on the floor, and only a couple more were leaning on the shelves as if they were up all night at some sort of party and wanted to rest. Ha, I thought to myself, no party is coming around anytime soon.

Inside, sitting at a table, there were about 10 men and Florence.  There was a man, who I didn’t even realize had been holding the door, that ushered me in. Everyone went quiet for a moment to ensure that no-one and nothing was listening. Little did I know that this one meeting would change my life forever. Suddenly, a man with large, broad shoulders stood up and said, “Tonight, we’ll be assigning some new missions. But, before that, I’d like everyone to meet our new associate, Ms. Alice Smith.” At that statement, the whole group stared at me and also started thinking to themselves about where and what they might be doing or going next. The big man continued, “Ms. Smith, my name is Charles Bates, and here at Washington on the Bravos, I’m the big man, the man in charge, the big kahuna. I’m excited to announce that tonight we have a big assignment for you if acceptance is in your future. We’ve been keeping a close eye on the enemies and we think that our side could heavily benefit if we have someone is captured by the Mexicans and then report back every 2-3 weeks. The hope is that you would escape and go to a new Mexican camp each time after meeting with us on the road, although, if that becomes to difficult of an option we will have someone meet you wherever you are being held.” To me, this all sounded very exciting, but at the same time, I was scared out of my mind. Did I want to take vengeance for them killing my husband and some of my best friends? Yes, I did but did I not want to die along the way. I stood up.

“I accept the mission.”