JeffCon Tech Event is a Huge Success

Cisco IoT Hackathon class materials. Photo Credit: Jack Vanourek

JeffCon is an event for high schoolers in Jefferson county and the surrounding area to learn about technology, and sometimes even fiddle with it. The event is hosted by the Jefferson County School District at their headquarters in Golden and lasts from 8am to 5pm. The schedule offered multiple classes Like Design an App, Build it Break it Wifi, and more.

The first class I went to was Design an App. Participants were told to form groups of four or five, and then given instructions. After a video on the new Microsoft Hololens, the class got to work. The first portion of the assignment was an Idea, every group had different ideas, but mine settled on a multitasking app. Next, you had to get out of group feedback by presenting your idea to the other groups. After that, we made a “wire frame” of our idea to present to the class. To make a wire frame, you had to draw what the app would look like when on a device and explain the uses. Finally, the vote. After presentations, the class voted on what idea was best, and the idea was sent to a Microsoft app development team for the Stem Saturday event, and it will be made from dream into reality. Our winner was a universal remote app, to get rid of those useless remotes that serve one function, if that.

In between the two hour hands on session (Design and app) and the first 50 minute interactive session (we’ll get to that), the lunch area was filled with booths consisting of everything from colleges, to a mini supercomputer, to a VR headset stand, to the U.S. Army and Marines. After that was the first interactive session, I took only the first of two because I was done after, but I took the Cisco IoT Hackathon session. It was about small Wifi generators and a hands on tutorial of how to make small circuits. I enjoyed the class even though I was unsuccessful because the district computer would not let me log in to get onto the necessary website.

Lunch consisted of a cookie, chips, and a sandwich of your choice, and merchandise like pens, shirts, and backpacks were given out at the front desk. This was a really fun event that turned out much better than I expected. It was the second year in a row, and it enlisted 20 schools and over 200 registered attendees. If you are a high schooler in Jeffco, I think you would have a great time here, so long as you are at least somewhat interested in technology.