A Short Book With A Great Message


“Megabat And Fancy Cat,” by Anna Humphrey is a fairly short book that addresses an issue that all ages face.

The story starts off on Christmas morning. Megabat is looking forward to all his favorite Christmas traditions.

Daniel (Megabat’s owner) allows Megabat to come inside and open presents with him under one condition: his mother cannot know he is there. Daniel’s mother has a huge phobia of bats. Megabat agrees to these terms and sneaks in.

After all the presents are unwrapped, Megabat is sure that Christmas is over. Now he and Daniel can watch Star Wars and paint the new toy train! But when Daniel’s parents surprise him with a cat named Priscilla, Megabat is not happy. After all, Daniel only needs Megabat, right?

Wrong. Daniel is spending so much time with Priscilla that he barely has any time for Megabat! And this new cat seems to be so boring too!

Megabat is eager to get rid of her. Especially after she continually shames him in front of Daniel. Finally, he and Birdgirl come up with a plan. It’s time to take action.

This book was a very easy read. It was a little young for me, but I still liked the message. One thing that really got on my nerves though was that Megabat knows how to talk, but he uses improper grammar. I would have prefered him to speak correctly.

I think this is a great book for younger kids, especially ones with siblings. It is a book all about Megabat wondering if Daniel still loves him. I think that kids of all ages can relate with that feeling whether it’s with newer siblings or a new kid at school. This is the second book in the series, but you can understand it without reading the first

Leave it to Megabat to introduce the problems of siblings and friendships and approach it with a light style.