New World finds Problems


“Poison in the Colony” Is a fictional story about the early pilgrimage of Jamestown. Virginia Is the name of a young pilgrim girl of the first generation to be born in the new colony. This is a volatile time in relations with suspected witches. Just a single rich child making an accusation is all it could take. Virginia is both lucky and unlucky to be born with the same gift that got her grandmother hanged under accusations of witchcraft. The ability to see into a body and it’s future. By just touching someone or something, she can learn so much. Her mother is a healer so when she touches plants, she can identify their medical use. When she touches some people, she can tell what is going to happen to them. When she touches anyone with an injury, she can identify what it is and how to heal it. Unfortunately for her, a gentleman’s (Rich guy’s) son is her bully.

More and more people are coming to Jamestown and she can sense the tensions rising in the native tribes. Many “useless” people are coming. Some examples are troublesome kids picked from the streets, drunkards, criminals; It seems like Britain has a bad habit of shipping off the unwanted. *Cough* Australia. As more people come to the colony, they are forced to expand outwards. Soon Virginia’s family has Its own plot of land down the river. (Something which had before been tied to a Gentleman’s family.) However once she moves away from the central colony, she senses large and bad things happening to the main colony. Will peace prevail or will evil and fear plague the land?  You’ll have to read it to find out.

This was a very interesting book that I was not looking forward to. I thought it would just be an adult trying to make history interesting for kids by putting it in a lame fiction/nonfiction horror baby. But it turned out to be a hooking story great for even those who don’t like history class. Whether or not you can stay awake in Social Studies, this book is for you.