Snapstar Dolls: A Perfect Gift For Girls 7+


Snapstar dolls. There is no real way to turn.

I must say, they are fun to dress up and play with, but in between these fun parts, there is a lot of set up. Each doll comes with a stand and a green screen. Though there were instructions on the box, my sister and I still couldn’t figure out how to correctly set it up. There is also a stand in the box that is easier to work with, but is very brittle and will most likely snap if too much pressure is put on it.

The green screen connects to an app where one can choose different backgrounds to snap a photo with the doll. The stand is also green, and blends into the background so you can pose the doll in many different ways with it. My sister and I had a lot of fun posing the dolls in flying positions, running positions, sitting positions-it was great.

The actual dolls had some surprises in them too – when I accidentally pulled the hair off of one of them I was mortified. Then I realized that it was just a wig so that hair could be removed or switched with another doll if preferred.

When my sister and I began to play with the app and doll clothes, things began to lighten up a little bit. The dolls were very poseable and fit into their stands well. The clothes on the doll have a different story though.

When we were playing around with one of the dolls and their clothes, I instantly noticed that the clothes were too tight. The dress could barely wrap around the doll’s waist correctly and the shoes had to be fought to be taken on and off!

Even with these difficulties, my 9-year-old sister and I had a lot of fun playing with these dolls, but when we looked at the age limit on the box we were shocked! It said 5 and over!

In our opinion it should be for 7+ because figuring out how the stands and dolls worked was a little bit frustrating.

Overall though, I think that the doll, green screen, and app, (all of these are combined in the cost of $15) are very much worth it and could be purchased for any girls that want to learn and have fun doing it.