How to Train your Dragon: Hidden World creates a fulfilling reunion to the entire three movie saga.


How to Train your Dragon: Hidden World was a fulfilling reunion to the entire three movie saga. It had thrilling adventures with a quality closure to the fantasy world. The stunning cinematography creates a captivating and enjoyable film to watch.

The movie begins with all the original characters from the previous films carrying out a raid on an opposing group of aggressive dragon captors. As the newly freed dragons arrive at Berk, Hiccup (voiced by Jay Baruchel) begins to realize how overly crowded the dragon haven has become. The once peaceful utopia of dragons and vikings had morphed into a target which draws a deadly dragon captor onto their tails, “Grimmel the Grizzley” (F. Murray Abraham). This new master criminal uses stealthy tactics to lure Hiccup and Toothless into his grasp. He creeps into Berk unnoticed and threatens the safety of the island. With this unwanted attention, Hiccup decides to lead the city of Berk away from harm and to a new island on a quest in search of an ancient and hidden dragon refuge. This migration makes the village vulnerable which leads to deadly complications threatening the existence of the Night Fury race and Berk along with it.

How to Train Your Dragon: Hidden World contained an engrossing dual lovestory, a fatal chase by a dangerous villain but most importantly an emotional choice between friendship and freedom. It introduces new and compelling characters bringing new gripping concepts to the movie. The film also kept the same actors/actresses playing the original “crew”, further developing their iconic and quirky personalities. It contains plot twists making viewers hang off the edge of their seats, wanting to see more. It also appeals to younger and older audiences and makes original watchers swoon with happiness after hearing the classic soundtrack from the first pictures. This final installment of the trilogy would be the most enjoyable after seeing the first two movies from the series. This clever and comical film also had the entire theater laughing during several scenes. This astounding motion picture was impressive, dazzling and entertaining on all levels. It leaves all viewers wishing that this fantasy world was real.