The Dillon Ice Castles: What a COOL Experience!


The Dillon Ice Castles are a unique and one of a kind experience for the whole family. While walking through the maze of ice and snow, you will find many slides, tunnels, and passageways to explore.

Right when you walk in you can see many beautiful archways, a fountain, slides and tunnels. From there, you could walk anywhere throughout the castles.

In the main area by the entrance, there are lots of things for kids to do. The slides are smaller but super   slippery, good for fast sliding. There are many different tunnels to crawl through. Some lead to a small “caves” while others lead to small rooms with tunnels to travel back out. If you choose to walk under the archways, they will eventually lead to a slide where you can race one another. They are longer than the ones by the entrance and also super slippery.

As my family and I were walking around, there were many unique family picture opportunities. You could sit on a bench made of ice, take a selfie in the “official selfie spot”, or under tall archways of glittering icicles.

But what’s the best part? They light up at night! If you choose to stay to see the lights, bundle up. Because you are surrounded by the ice and snow, it will make to the cooler temperature seem even colder. My family put on three layers, snow pants and a warm winter coat, warm hat and gloves, and snow boots. It might also be smart to bring extra hand warmers. Maybe even an extra pair of socks!

The Ice Castles are located up in the mountains, about a 1 hr. 30 minute drive from Denver, in Dillon, Colorado.

On weekdays, the general admission is $16 for ages 12 and up and child admission is $11 ages 4 – 11. They are open on Monday and Thursday from 4pm to 9pm (weekdays). On the weekends, Friday – Sunday, general admission is $19 for 12 and up and child admission for $15. They are open from 4pm to 10:30 pm on Fridays, 12pm to 10:30pm on Saturdays, and 12pm to 8pm on Sundays. If you choose not to buy tickets online, the standby for general admission is $20 on Monday and Thursday and $25 Friday – Sunday, though it is not guaranteed that you can get a ticket.
When my family and I went to visit the castles, we had a certain time in which we had to enter, kind of like a reservation. Once you have entered, you can stay for as long as you want; there isn’t a certain time you have to leave.

When looking at their website, they have other ice castles in multiple cities. Some of the their locations are Edmonton, Excelsior, Lake Geneva, New Hampshire, and Midway. The website can also answer a few frequently asked questions about parking/directions or ticket information.

Overall I thought it was a unique experience and had a lot of cool photo opportunities. Both of my younger siblings enjoyed wandering through the maze of tunnels and slides; it was definitely a entertaining activity for the younger ones.

If you are interested, this is the link to the Ice Castles website: