Young Ameritowne: Building Our Future Through Kids!

Young Ameritowne by Eva Perak

Even though this town is only made up of underaged workers, it is still incredible! Ranging from 8 to 12 years old, students from schools around Colorado come to YAT to learn about economics and how the real world works. With many jobs to choose from you could be a banker, doctor, investor, radio speaker, mailman, ect. On interview day, a week before the field trip to YAT, kids get interviewed on why they want to do the job they asked for, and how they will complete customer satisfaction. Fake debit cards with YAT money preloaded onto them is given to the students which can be added or deducted by the bankers. Twenty-five to thirty dollars is preloaded onto the cards depending on how high up you are on your job. Students can shop at stores during break times, otherwise they have to work for the rest of the periods of time.

YAT has many different businesses which are introduced in the opening ceremony. Even though there are various businesses one new business was recently added. A “Market Place” was recently added to the YAT businesses. It was created by Safeway and sells things such as: Various chips, rice krispies, gift bags, mechanical pencils, and even juice pouches! Pictures of Safeway are used as backgrounds of the Marketplace. Reward systems are included too! Volunteers get a free newspaper, and a free snack for volunteering. Workers get a hat or an apron to symbolize whatever company they choose to work for. Some main sponsors include: The Denver Post, UPS, Cambiar Investors, Denver University, Xcel energy, Fun services, Colorado Public Radio, Children’s Hospital, 1st bank, King Soopers, and lastly, Safeway.

In summary, YAT is a place for grades 4-6 to explore economics and learn about the real world. Stores sell things that only are essentials like toys and candy and kids spend their money at these shops. Mostly, it is a awesome place for learning and is fun too! I think kids in 4-6 grade will really enjoy coming here on class field trips and want to tell everyone about this fantastic and educational place!