An Action-Packed-Travel-the-World Steampunk Adventure


In the book “The Inventors and the Lost Island,” by A. M. Morgan, there is loads of adventure, plot twists, and secrets.

This book fits into the genre of steampunk. The genre of steampunk is inspired by 19th century industrial inventions and steam-powered machinery. Steampunk is also a subgenre of science fiction.

The main characters are George, the 3rd Lord of Devonshire; Ada Byron, his next door neighbor; Oscar, an artist and rock collector; and Ruthie, the orangutan that Oscar rescued.

When reading this book, I was unaware there was a first book called “The Inventors at No. 8.” When I was reading the book, there wasn’t really any indication that there was a first and I was super confused. I found it hard to follow the storyline. At this point, I chose to stop reading the second book and started “The Inventors at No.8.”

After I finished reading the first book, it was much easier to follow along with the story and I understood who was who for the characters.

My least favorite thing about it was that the characters kept fighting with each other. I found it annoying, almost like I was there watching them fight. It happened many times through the entire story. I wanted to skip ahead from them fighting because after awhile it got really boring while they fought. Most of the time that they spent fighting was about something that wasn’t important.

One thing I enjoyed about this book is that it kept your brain thinking and predicting what was going to happen next. It reminded me of the Mr. Lemoncello’s Library books. It had multiple puzzles and clues for the reader to solve along with the characters from the book.

It also taught a little history throughout the book, though it was mostly fiction. One of the characters, Ada Byron; was a real person and the book took what she actually did in real life and portrayed that into the book and the character of Ada Byron.

I found it a little hard to follow when I read it because I wasn’t able to understand some of the british “slang” it used. If you like reading about steampunk or the scientists in the 19th century, I would definitely recommend this book. If you enjoy reading about travel or remote, you might enjoy this book.

Note: This book has not yet been published; it will be released on March 19.