Fun Disney Puzzle Takes Ages to Finish


To infinity and beyond! Do you like Disney Pixar movies? Then you might like Ravensburger’s Pixar puzzle! That is, if you’re up for an enormous challenge. 1000 is a lot of pieces, and small ones at that. The puzzle has taken my family and I over a month, working on it a little bit at a time, and we’re still not finished.

It’s a good quality puzzle, there are only a few mistakes I noticed. The pieces fit together very well, and the printing didn’t have any flaws. There are, however, a few duplicate pieces and a few pieces that weren’t finely cut. Other than that, it’s a great puzzle. The Disney Pixar theme is awesome. I’ve had a lot of fun with it and recognizable characters made it go a bit easier, although there are more than one of each character in the picture so it’s hard to tell where the pieces go.

This puzzle is much more fun to do with friends or family. You could even work while watching TV. At times I got frustrated at how long it was taking to complete the puzzle. Compared to other 1000 piece puzzles this one is difficult because the pieces are small and there are many with the same blue color, which makes it hard to find the right fit. I would rather do an easier puzzle that could be completed faster, but if you like a challenge and have time and patience this one is fine.

Overall, this is a great puzzle. I underestimated how long it would take to finish, but I enjoyed it and would try another Ravensburger puzzle in the future.