The Road of Riches


“History reminds us how changes occurred in the past and helped us to understand why change is taking place today. The Silk Roads have always been important. And today is no different; The Silk Roads are rising again.” -Peter Frankopan

The Silk Roads is an illustrated children’s world history book written by Peter Frankopan and illustrated by Neil Packer, and based on the author’s best selling adult book on the same topic. This book is based around the extraordinary events that occurred during, along, and after the Silk Road routes that expanded from the Pacific coasts of China and Russia to the Atlantic coasts of Europe and Africa. Along these routes, trade, war, and technology intersected and spread throughout the people and over time changed the world. These roads were not only important because they brought many cultures together, but were also the path that allowed civilizations and the human race to advance and expand, for better or worse, through relationships and connections.

This book offers stunning imagery, writing, facts, and knowledge about these roads that shaped how we lived today. I certainly recommend this book but primarily to 5th graders and older because it did have some large words, and sections with mass amounts of reading. I think all age groups could enjoy this, even if it was something read with a parent, because the information in the book is something I think everyone should know. It gives a perspective of past history that does not only focus on history during The Silk Roads, but time that led up to their formation and that came after.

I enjoyed The Silk Roads very much, because it gave me insight on something that I had only been exposed to in small part. After reading the book, I walked away with much more knowledge on the topic than I had before, and that is something very.