King of Sting Falls Short

Front Cover. Photo Credit: Amazon Website

Coyote Peterson is a YouTube star with 14 million subscribers. He wrote a book called “King of Sting” where he goes around getting stung by everything he can think of. The book is about what each type of creature that stings him is, and his reaction to the sting. The book mentioned everything from Bullet Ants to Executioner Wasps and a lot more types of bugs you didn’t even know existed. He invented something called the “Pain Index” which he uses to represent how much a sting hurts.

I did not like the book. There were a few reasons for this. 1st, repetition. The book is the same every time a new insect is introduced, just a description, talking about its habitat, and then his reaction to getting stung. 2nd, reactions. The book is filled with pictures, which would normally be fine, but the pictures are repetitive too. Every single picture in the book is either a creature, or him making some sort of pained pose with a creature on him.

A few examples of the creepy crawlies were the Tarantula Hawk and the Warrior Wasp! The Tarantula Hawk is a wasp and drops a whopping 4 out of 4 on the pain index. (reader discretion – gross details for this and the next paragraph) The Tarantula Hawk is so powerful that it can paralyze a Desert Tarantula with just a single sting. Might I add that it doesn’t die from stinging something like bees do! This is where it gets weird. The Tarantula Hawk actually feeds on nectar but paralyzes the Desert Tarantulas so that it can lay its eggs inside the body!!! Ugh. Despite the actual Desert Tarantula being 8 times bigger, the Tarantula Hawk wasp wins.

The Warrior Wasp is another rank 4 on the pain index, and it lives in wasp hives…           With more wasps. The biggest problem with these is that they swarm. They are very aggressive, so even a small disruption will trigger the hive. If you are stung enough, it could cause death.

This was not a good book for me, but for those who enjoy studying insects or watching people suffer, you should try it out.