We are the Wonder in Wonder Park


I have never seen a movie like Wonder Park. It combined sadness happiness and problem solving with fun adventures. It all starts when June and Bucky her best friend, build an actual roller coaster that is a wild ride that goes out of control and destroys the neighborhood. So, June’s mom tells her “I never want you to stop using your imagination but, without wrecking the neighborhood.” So, June and her mom continues building Wonder Park inside her house. The Park takes over the entire house.

Wonder Park is a park created from magic by June and her mom. They use their imaginations to create a whole new world of rides and characters that live in the park. The characters are unusual. For example a warthog named Greta, a porcupine named Steve, and beavers named Gus and Cooper and Boomer the bear and last but not least Peanut the one who does it with a little bit of help from June and her Mom.

The rides aren’t normal rides they create unique mixed up rides that are very detailed. For example when they design a merry go round. They tell Peanut by whispering it in the stuffed monkeys ear to make it out of flying fish and when you tap the fin the fish and you fly free to fun places. This is called the Fantastic Fish Carousel! There is also the Sky Flinger which is a huge machine that you are in a ball and it FLINGS you to the other side and back across the park over and over again.

But then suddenly duh duh duhhhh the darkness arrives and so do the chimpanzombies. And I know I said chimpanzombies they are tiny versions of Peanut that turn evil with purple magical dust. June and her friends have to figure out where the darkness came from and how to stop the darkness from destroying Wonder Park. This is when June faces her fear and her friends try to help June through tough times.

I personally think that Wonder Park is a very inspiring movie because it tells you that you should never give up on your imagination even when things get hard. This movie would be appropriate for all ages even adults. I think this movie is for all ages because it is fun and crazy and sometimes even sad. If I were to compare it to another movie it is kind of like Inside Out. Because the characters go through a variety of emotions. Happy, sad, anger, and depression. Kids movies don’t really talk about depression but this one did.

Should you go see Wonder Park? Yes, absolutely grab your friends, get your popcorn and go see Wonder Park!