Far Away is near perfection!!!


Far Away” is a book of wonder, twists, and “coincidences”. Written by Lisa Graff, it follows a 12-year old girl named Caraway June Ames, or CJ. CJ is on a quest to bring her late mother’s spirit back to Earth after she got sucked into far away – a place no human can reach, nor spirit escape. The only way to bring her back is with a “tether”- and object charged with emotional energy from the deceased in question. The plot is deep and enriched, always having another twist. Yet some of the smaller things, like grammar are hard to get past. For instance, on numerous occasions, they switch to a completely different scene, with no indication of the change. Once or twice I had to see if I skipped a page, but I never did. But grammar aside, the book was enjoyable and, quite frankly, a good way to coax to a kid who loves fantasy into a place where it is easier for them to except magic is isn’t real. That is, without taking away their childhood. I can definitely imagine how a book like that probably would be helpful. It also deals with other problems teenagers and young adults experience, such as tension in between parent/guardian and child. Lisa Graff creates lovable characters, a complex plot, and makes ordinary phrases have a deeper impact, which of course connects her with the reader exceptionally well. I’d definitely recommend it to ages 11 and up (even though it might be a bit young for an 80-year-old), and I’d love to see more of Lisa Graff’s humor, wit, and underlying of complex and hard subjects discussed in more of her books!