Max and the Midknights


    Max and The Midknights is a fantastic book falling right in line with books like Big Nate, Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Dog Man.  It starts with the main character named, Max. The book cover appears to have a boy playing a lute while pointing a arrow. Don’t be fooled, this is no boy, but Max is a girl. His uncle, Burdick is with Max too. Just so you know, Max’s uncle is a troubadour, in case you don’t know what a troubadour is, it is a traveling entertainer.

While his uncle is singing horribly, being the royal fool for the king, being a duck, a horse with a ducks head, and being normal Max is on an adventure with his friends and his uncle or should I say The Midknights.

    Max and The Midknights go on the journey of their lifetime experiencing stuff that was never experienced. So called ‘King Gastly’ was why they went on the mission. Mumblin the old Kings Wizard sent the Midknights to make things fair like they used to be.  The Midknights faced things that could give nightmares if it was real. On their journey they meet bad and good. They find what really happened for somethings. Like What really happened to King Conrad the true king of Byjovia. All the problems connect in a way to the same problem.  Their journey was hard and their journey had a lot of plot twists.

.    I think after you start the first couple pages you won’t want to stop reading. Max and the Midknights have courage and optimistic personalities. The book is a page turning, adventures, and brave novel. I would recommend 2nd through 4th and 5th for reading Max and the Midknights. I think an outgoing, wild, mysterious, and troublesome person would like this book the most.