Superpower dogs is a movie about six dogs, Halo, Henry, Reef, Tipper and Tony and Ricochet. It is playing at the Denver museum of nature and science at the IMAX theater in 3D. It was released March 14, and will play until January 1st, 2020. Halo is training to be a rescue dog that helps find people buried under rubble after an earthquake or a hurricane. Henry is a ski patrol dog that saves people from avalanches in whistler mountain resort in Canada. Reef is one of the first water rescue dogs in the Italian coast guard. Tipper and Tony are two bloodhounds that hunt down elephant and rhino poachers in Africa. Ricochet is a therapy dog that has helps disabled or people with special needs, she lives in California and loves to surf, she even helped a little boy find the confidence to surf by himself. This movie is also narrated by Chris Evans, which is fitting because Chris Evans plays Captain America in Avengers and this movie is called Superpower Dogs. The movie shows a dog’s senses in a very simple and understandable way. This film would be great for anyone 4 and up, but adults will still find it delightful. It is an amazing and creative movie that is super fun to watch. Watching it made me smile so much. The main character is Halo and her owner Cat who is training to be a first responder. The story starts when Cat picks Halo as a puppy to be her companion, and shows how she trains while she grows up, including resisting temptation and sniffing people out while ignoring other smells. Also, you really don’t have to be a dog lover to like this movie. The movie is very short, only 45 minutes and when watching it, it felt really short because I am used to watching longer movies.