Don’t Miss The Missing Link!


Have you ever heard that sentence “the missing piece of the puzzle?” Well, in this case the missing puzzle piece is a bigfoot named Susan. Yetis seem like hard things to lose, but in the movie, The Missing Link, Sir Lionel Frost (Hugh Jackman), a 19th century adventurer looking for glory, finds a bigfoot named Susan (Zach Galifianakis), who is lonely. Thanks to homo sapiens, all of the rest of Susan’s kind have been killed. The unlikely pair of Sir Lionel Frost and Susan team up to get Susan to her cousins, the yetis. Armed with wits, courage and a large hairy body, the two head off to the Himalayas, in search of the lost city of Shangri-La.  

It was only last year that Disney released its own bigfoot comedy, Smallfoot, which focused on a thriving community of yetis, terrified of humans and their tiny feet. You might think that another bigfoot movie released so soon after Smallfoot would not have a lot of new material to cover, but The Missing Link offers a different take on the old Bigfoot myth, by making its main character, Susan, welcome human contact.

The Missing Link is an animated comedy, and will make you laugh a lot, but it also offers real emotion, like in the relationship between Sir Lionel Frost and Susan.The plot is well made and new characters or ideas are clearly introduced to the audience. The Missing Link is not a movie that will have you guessing what’s going on? Why is this happening? Those seeking adventure and a show of courage and heart will really enjoy this movie. The story of Susan the Bigfoot shows that even though people might think you’re scary, you can always show people the happy loveable, hairy side of you and they might change their minds.

Multiple famous actors voice the main characters in the film. Besides Hugh Jackman and Zach Galifianakis, the movie also features Zoe Saldana as Adeliana Fortnight (a wealthy woman in possession of an important map) and Emma Thompson as the Yeti Queen.

The Missing Link is rated PG and has a running time of one hour and thirty five minutes. It is appropriate for anyone over the age of five, although kids seven and older are the most likely to enjoy it and get the jokes.