Curse of the Werepenguins, An exciting book


      The book “Curse of the Werepenguins” is about a boy named Humboldt. He is a orphan with a unusual birthmark. He dreams of getting adopted. Once he gets adopted, he goes to Bulgaria, and hears some disturbing things about his new parent. Once he arrives, he is greeted by a housekeeper named Frau Flagenfreuer. She leads him to room on a tall tower, above hundreds of barking penguins. The next morning his greeted buy a boy his age, who claims to be his new parent. He shows him into his dining room, full of platters of raw fish. He starts eating then. Each night, he hears barking penguins. He always can hear what they are saying Come to us! One night, he wanders outside. Then, something unexpected happens.

I think This was a good book. The middle was pretty boring, though. The end was full of suspense. It was full of twists. It was creative, had a lot of imagination. The beginning caught my attention, because of his sad story.

       This book I would recommend for 8-11 year olds. It is a little dark in some parts, and there are some hard words. It might be a little boring for older kids, but I thought it was just my level. What happens to Humboldt? Find out in “Curse of the Werepenguins”!