Dognapping Ring Strikes Denver and Girl Detective is on the Case!

Front Cover. Photo Credit: Amazon Website

“Kazu Jones and the Denver Dognappers” is a story about a Japanese-American girl who loves detectives and everything about them. She wants to be one when she grows up but has had to stick to neighborhood sleuthing since. She walks dogs and is a paper-delivery girl to make some extra cash. Unfortunately, a gang of dognappers had recently come to Denver, and with some of her friend’s dogs having already been swiped, she assembles a team of her friends to save the dogs.

The story is based in Denver, and Kazu gets into all sorts of mischief trying to crack the case. The main characters are Kazu, whose full name is actually Kazuko Jones, March, her techy friend, and more to come later on. Soon her team is picking up traction as kids with missing dogs join. Kazu has a bad habit of letting the dogs that she walks off their leashes, and for the first time one ran away! Although she didn’t see the dog get swiped, a suspicious looking nondescript black van happened to be pulling out of the parking lot. The dog was her neighbors, but many feared that her dog, Genki, would be next.

My favorite part of the book is when March (the techy one) hacked a suspect’s computer. I liked this because it was pretty impressive for a teenager to perform that sort of hack. All he had to do was send an email to the suspect, and when clicked on, it would give him/her access to the computer and its files. This is also a good scene because it is relevant throughout the book.

From lying to the sheriff, to digging through trash, to breaking and entering, this book is a world of plot twists sure to keep you reading. The book does seem for younger kids, but teens can enjoy it too. It is a relatively easy read at 306 pages and is great for any interested in a detective career. However it can also be enjoyed by those with different interests. In the end, a great read for all, even though some will like it more than others.