Reality and Perception creates mind blowing experience

Taliah Farnsworth demonstrates how different colors make different perspectives.

When I toured the “Our Senses: Creating Your Reality” exhibit at the Denver Museum of Art and Science, to be honest, I had no idea what to expect. Before I went to this exhibit I met with Taliah Farnsworth, a virtual experiences specialist, and Maura O’neal, Communications and Media Relations for Denver Museum of Nature and Science. I was informed that the exhibit was supposed to take you farther into your senses than ever before. When I finally got to see the exhibit, my mind was blown. Even just walking in was amazing.

The first room we walked into was the SEE gallery. This room had blue, green, and red lights alternating on the walls. When each color changed, the pictures on the wall changed with it. At first it didn’t seem that unique. Then I realized, the wall wasn’t changing, it stayed the same while the colors were changing. My perception of what I could see was changing. It was incredible! I was in awe and had my first WOW moment. I couldn’t believe that with one color, a huge snake was on the wall, and on the next, he was gone. This room was truly amazing.

Another one of the incredible rooms at this exhibit was the Coyote, Human, Dolphin, brains. It was a 3D model where we could touch either the nose, eyes, or ears to see how each different animal’s brain systems functioned differently for each of those senses. I think this was my favorite WOW of the whole exhibit. It showed me how the coyote can hear so much better than we can, and their sense of smell is incredible. And I learned that the dolphin can’t even smell. It left me realizing that humans really don’t use much of their brain at all! Taliah Farnsworth was also bubbling over with showing me every room. At one point she exclaimed, “You do not need to have a PHD to have a part in meaningful science.” I guess the fun we were all having was actually meaningful science. We also met with Abid Hassan an educating performer. He runs an interactive show that shouldn’t be missed. His favorite part of the show is seeing how people react to the Yanny or Laurel auditory illusion. If you haven’t done it – it will lead to hours of discussion.

Every room I entered gave me a WOW moment. There are volunteers around that help create those moments. You should ask them questions as they love sharing what they know and helping create the WOW. My advice take your time in each exhibit don’t let the amazing activities rush you. So much to see and experience: It takes about 1 hour to get through all the exhibits. The least busy times are first thing in the morning or the last few hours before they close.This exhibit was one that I would absolutely recommend to everyone. There were little girls and boys there having the time of their lives, middle age men and women, there was even a couple on a date. I couldn’t think of a better place to spend your day.

Our Senses: Creating Your Reality is open now through August 4th.  This exhibit is free with admission.