Teen Spy Pulls off Daring Operations in Fun Fiction Book

Front Cover, Photo Credit: Amazon Website

“Alex Rider: Secret Weapon” was a book unlike any other in the series. Instead of being a single long story, this book is comprised of 7 short stories that each have their own thrill and interesting points. Some backstory. Alex Rider is a 14 year old boy trained in multiple martial arts and other fighting skills. His parents passed away some time ago, so he was living with his uncle, Ian Rider.

Ian was a spy for the British intelligence agency M16. Alex does not know this because Ian told everyone that he was an international banker to disguise the missions as business trips. One day Ian was killed in a “car accident” but Alex decided to investigate after seeing some suspicious figures at the funeral. He found the car in the junkyard shredded with bullet holes, and shortly later he was contacted by M16. They wanted him. Looking back, he saw that his whole life his uncle had been preparing him. The martial arts, the climbing, the wilderness survival. It all added up. He didn’t really have a choice and was sent on multiple successful and thrilling missions, each of which was their own book before, but now Anthony Horowitz (The author) has made a short story compilation.

My favorite story was “Christmas At Gunpoint”, which was a thrilling story about Christmas vacation at the Gunpoint ski resort in Colorado. (Not a real ski resort) The story follows two spies from the generation before Alex, one of whom is his Uncle in the kidnapping of a little girl, an important exchange, and Alex’s first experience of action and the revelation of his uncle.

This is a really great book that I recommend everyone read, especially action fans. Honestly, all of the books in the series are very good but this is my favorite one. I like this one so much because there is less exposition and more action. This book has more fighting and other interesting scenes because it has 7 plots. When you squeeze 7 plots into a 336 page book, you don’t have room for much other than the interesting parts. Anthony Horowitz is a great author and did a wonderful job on this latest book.