A Glove-a-Bubble is a perfect gift for a young child’s last minute birthday present. These new toys are colorful with animals for the glove. These are also cheap with prices ranging from $1.99 to $7.99 per. each glove. Recently two new types have come out including: The Wing-and-Wave-a-Bubble and the Big-a-Bubble. The Wing-and-Wave-a-Bubble is basically a larger version of the Glove-a-Bubble. Sadly, this toy does not have any place to grip on the inside, so it could fall off while the child is wave the glove to get bubbles. Unlike these two types, the Big-a-Bubble has a circle to grip at the top and a string attached to the bottom so that the string may hold bubbles to create a huge bubble.

This toy is supposedly for ages 3+ but test subject Roko, age 2, had a wonderful time playing with these bubbles in the bathtub. “Yay! Big bubbles! I can make them; awesome!”- Roko, 2. He tested the Glove-a-Bubble and loved it but needed help waving the glove because it would always slip off his hand. These gloves are easy to retrieve from the packaging and then dip in the bubbles except for the Wing-and-Wave-a-Bubble. The Wing-and-Wave-a-Bubble was much too big to fit into the pouch of bubbles,  so it spilt everywhere. But, the other two types fit perfectly into the bubble pouch and nothing spilled.

Though these gloves have flaws, the design is perfect for many bubbles to come out of. When the three test subjects tried each different design individually, tons of bubbles came out of each design. It left a big mess because of all the bubbles which is why this is recommended as and outdoor toy.

In summary, this is a perfect birthday gift for ages 2-9 during the summer time. This toy is also cheap, so if it doesn’t satisfy you, it only cost you three dollars. It is pretty good as a last minute birthday gift for a children ages 2-9.