Kites soar high


The Antsy Pants kites I tested were a pink flamingo and a blue shark. They came in a reusable nylon bag that is good for transportation and storage.

One thing I like about the kites is that they are made out of nylon, which is more durable than plastic. They have a good flying structure and fun animals. Assembling the kites was easy.   

I tested these kites on two different days. The first day there was a light breeze. The second day there were strong, gusty winds.  Based on my testing, these kites require strong steady wind to fly well. With too little wind, they don’t fly. With too much wind, they don’t fly.

The best way to get these kites in the air is to  get a helper (like your mom or dad) to hold the kite for you about ten feet down wind.

Then, holding the spool, start running into the to the wind. As the kite catches the wind it begins to tug on the string. You can let out more line slowly to gain altitude.

If the kite starts to fall you can run a few more feet into the wind. It was challenging but exciting to see how long and high I could keep it in the air.

My brother,who is five years old enjoyed playing with the shark and I think that the shark works better than the flamingo. I think this because they have different designs and the flamingo has more parts. I think that this is preventing the flamingo from going as high as the shark.

When I tested out the flamingo, it would not go as high as the shark that my brother was flying even though we were in the same spot. I also think that the flamingo doesn’t work because of its shape. The shark has the triangular shape of a airplane, that helps it fly better. The flamingo is shaped more like a flamingo with a head.

I think that this toy is good for ages 5 through 10. I recommend the shark kite, but will not recommend the flamingo kite because of all the trouble it gave me. You can buy them at Target for $11.99.