The Author of “Fish in a Tree” is Out with a New Book


In the book “Shouting at the Rain” by Lynda Mullaly Hunt (also the author of “Fish in a Tree”), the main character Delsie is troubled by the fact that she was raised by her Grammy instead of her mom. Delsie lives with Grammy in Cape Cod. It was finally summer and she couldn’t wait to see her best friend Brandy and Aimee and Michael, her best friends on the Cape, are about to star in the upcoming play Annie! at the famous Cape Playhouse. Until Tressa came.

Delsie loves to watch and research all different kinds of weather. If you asked her “what is the weather like today?,” you wouldn’t just get the temperature. Aimee and Michael want to make it big in the acting community. Delsie’s Grammy loves to watch game shows. All of Delsie’s neighbors are supes kind and are like family to her, even though Olive, a woman who lives down the street can be a little mean.

The author is able to create lifelike characters while adding and using each of their unique traits to the plot. The characters had many layers to them and weren’t “flat” or had only one trait. They had multiple traits that conflicted with another, while they were varied from character to character.

The first day that Delsie hangs out with Brandy, she notices that she has changed a lot. Brandy now wears makeup and is no longer interested in the traditions that she and Delsie do every summer together. Tressa is not very nice to Delsie and can be passive-aggressive towards her. Fortunately, losing Brandy means that Delsie made an even better friend: Ronan. His father is a fisherman and his mother lives farther away from the Cape. Ronan was sent to live with his father because his mother ‘didn’t have the time to watch him’. Because the two of them both lost something, they gave each other a chance and quickly formed a strong bond.

During the middle of the book, the author creates moments between the characters to help them understand each other better and form deeper bonds. Delsie and Ronan were talking one night down on the beach and Ronan decided to tell Delsie about a letter from his mom. The author is able to make the reader feel as though they are there and want to try and help Ronan and comfort him. He and Delsie shared a quiet moment, each reflecting on their similar past and thinking about their future.

It was a terrific book and I would definitely recommend it to readers that enjoyed the book “Fish in a Tree” or “One for the Murphy’s”. It has not yet been realized but it will come out in May 2019.