1919-The Year That Changed America


In “1919-The Year That Changed America”, by Martin W. Sandler, he tells the exact truth:
“Every so often there is a year when event converge in surprising ways. And there wasn’t anything like 1919.”
The year 1919 has to be one of the most eventful years yet.
Some of these events are world-shaking, and some are just interesting and unique to learn about.
These include the Great War (World War I) devastating the population, the Great Molasses Flood, women getting the right to vote, the Red Summer, the Red Scare, a lot of strikes, and “a noble experiment.”
This non fiction book explains all these surprising events in great detail as you learn about the year that happened a century ago, 1919.
Did you know that during the Great Molasses Flood of 1919, about 12,000 tons of the stuff flooded the area in Boston, Massachusetts?
Do you know that it took 70 years for women to get the right to vote?
Have you ever heard of the Red Summer or the Red Scare?
Are you eager to learn these things/events?
There are many more interesting events and facts that you can discover by reading “1919-The Year That Changed America”.
“1919 was a world-shaking year,” Sandler says, and the book taught me a ton of interesting things about the year 1919.
I would recommend this novel to readers 10+, because it’s a more challenging non-fiction book.
But, if you enjoy reading non-fiction, informative books, then I would definitely encourage you to read it.