Happy, Messy, Scary; Love


Everyone always has great plans for summer. But Olivia? Not so much. For the summer time she is probably going to watch many, many horror movies and chat with her online friend Elm.

Elm and Olivia have never shared very personal details about themselves, other than their ages and the fact that Elm’s aunt is a low-budget horror film-maker. When Elm pushes her to show more about herself and sends her a photo of his handsome self, Olivia freaks out and sends him a picture of her beautiful friend, Katie. While doing this, she never thought they would meet in real life. Sadly, when her mom signs her up at Ropeland she meets the most unexpected person there.

Olivia is so confused but happy when she meets Jake at Ropeland. Jake looks exactly like Elm and he tells her that he has an account on Reddit as NightmareOnElmStreet. As Olivia falls deeper and deeper into her pit of lies she and Jake finally get to know each other better without Jake suspecting a thing. Now, Olivia must play Carrie (her Reddit profile)and Olivia so that Jake never finds out and everything is fine. Or will it be fine?

Leah Konen tells a story of many scary movies, love, and a broken heart. A high schooler would definitely relate to this book and not feeling good enough about yourself. This can lead to doing something stupid and ruining something wonderful. Mostly, this book would help capture a summer as an older kid with their own personality and habits.

Konen portrays a 17-year-old girl through the voice of Olivia. Right from the beginning you can tell that she doesn’t have enough self confidence and that probably she is going to find her way out of trouble while turning it into something beautiful.

All in all, this is a great book for kids ages 12-18 years old. Buy this at your local bookstore today to read the new story that Leah Konen has to tell.