Are We All a Little Broken?


All Our Broken Pieces by L.D. Crichton is an inspirational novel about high school relationships and overcoming the hardest challenge of all: your own mind. The story is so cute, you will say “aww” with every page. This book follows the ups and downs of the not-so-tragic relationship of Kyler and Lennon.

Lennon Davis is a beautiful, kind, and funny teenage girl. However, she cannot stop imagining the people she loves dead. Kyler Benton has the perfect opportunity to be a musician. He is a good writer with a haunted past, but he does not feel comfortable performing in front of people.

Lennon moves in with her dad in Los Angeles, and like a typical teenage girl, all she wants to do is fit in. When Lennon gets to her new school, the first thing her step-sister does is ridicule her in front of the entire class. After Kyler comes to Lennon’s aid, their teacher decides to pair them up for a new project. Lennon cannot seem to figure Kyler out no matter how much she tries. Kyler cannot get Lennon out of his head especially because she lives next door.

Crichton shows what it can be like to live with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). The novel goes into a lot of detail about Lennon’s health issues and why she feels that she has to do things a certain way. For example, Lennon turns the lights on and off in multiples of five. She feels compelled to do this to prevent her loved ones being hurt in tragic accidents. The book also details the struggles of being a parent of a kid with OCD by showing how Lennon’s dad approaches parenting throughout the novel.

I would rate this novel a ten out of ten because it has descriptive character development and it will get you invested in the characters and their relationships by the end. This book also shows several different perspectives of OCD and overcoming the challenges that may come along with it. I recommend this book for ages 13+  because of language and some sensitive topics.