Meteor Shower Starts Fictional Adventure!

Front Cover Photo Credit: Amazon Website

“Scouts” by Shannon Greenland is about Annie. Annie is not your typical teenage girl. The year is 1985 and she has more friends that are boys than girls. Her town does not have a scout troop, so she likes to think/joke that she and her friends are the scout troop. They go camping, climb other people’s buildings, and hangout. Her friends are  Rocky, Beans (yes that’s his name) and Fynn. Annie’s week is thrown for a loop when Fynn’s cousin Scarlett comes to town. You see, Annie’s only friends are boys, so she is not exactly accustomed to girls. Not only that, but they had plans to climb up the neighbor’s silo to watch the meteor shower, which is not exactly encouraged. Somehow they get Scarlett to climb up and not snitch.

The meteor shower starts and it is beautiful. One problem. A meteor is headed their direction and does not look to be stopping. They all duck, and the flying chunk of space rock whizzes over their heads, landing about 15 miles away. Luckily for them, one of the smartest kids in the grade is Beans, so by doing a quick calculation he is able to draw up a map to the meteor and the journey begins.

However, this particular quest has more depth than the curiosity of a few kids.  Bean’s parents recently split up, and consequently they have been struggling to make ends meet. The only scouts that know are Beans and Annie, and they are hoping to sell chunks of the meteor to get money and save the house. However, the path to the meteor is filled with all sorts of obstacles, from raging rivers to life threatening crazies!

This was a book that seemed hard to understand at first, but as the plot developed it became hard to put down. I really enjoyed this book and am sure to read it again sometime. It is a moderate read at 273 pages. I recommend this book for anyone between the ages of 10 and 15. I think this because kids under the age of ten will have a hard time following the plot, and those over 15 would not enjoy it. However, it was a good book.