A Remake Not Nearly As Good As The Original


Most kids grow up watching the beloved 1992 classic Aladdin, however, now kids may grow up watching this new reboot. Despite incredible special effects and jaw-dropping costumes, the movie seemed like a hastened rip-off of the original. Although, the movie wasn’t like the original the actors and actresses did an incredible job.

Throughout the movie, there were unimaginable special effects from the magic carpet scene to the scene in the cave. This may have been one of Hollywood’s best special effects job. There were also many incredible costumes. In the multiple market scenes, there were lots of incredibly accurate costumes, and Jasmine’s dresses throughout the movie were beautiful.

Constantly in the movie, it felt as though vital pieces were being cut out. Lots of iconic scenes from the movie were either taken out entirely or merely butchered down. Another piece of this new adaption that just didn’t quite work was Aladdin almost constantly, until the end, misjudging Jasmine and making her seem like less of the amazing woman she is.

Some of the pluses in the movie, which there were few, were that Aladdin(Mena Massoud) and Jasmine(Naomi Scott) complemented each other throughout the whole movie. From a new dance scene in which they swayed so in synch to the A Whole New World scene where they sang in perfect harmony, the two couldn’t have been more perfect for their roles. However, that is not to be said for all the actors in the movie. Will Smith(who played the Genie), who has appeared in all the Men In Black movies, did not seem to be the right fit for this role. He didn’t seem to be prepared for a kid audience role.

Another piece of the movie that made it so much worse than the original was the fact that it had a forty minute longer run time than the original. Although, this didn’t make sense since scenes that felt key to the movie were missing. It was also frustrating, now having seen all three adoptions, to have what felt like key details fully excluded, and having new irrelevant ones added.

Despite special effects and costumes, this movie did not live up to the original whatsoever. Some of the roles felt miscast, key scenes were left out, and women being downgraded. There were also multiple points during which little kids could have been easily scared, and given nightmares. This is not a movie that I believe is worth spending 128 minutes of your time to see.