Fairy In Waiting, a Fun Story


“Fairy In Waiting,” by Sophie Kinsella, is a great mother-daughter read.

The story starts off with Ella Brook. Her family seems normal, but her mom is really a fairy! As for Ella, she has to be a fairy in waiting. Her mom doesn’t do spells very well, so every once in a while, Ella has to help her out.

The two meet monkeys, a missing parrot, a talking wardrobe, and more! But, this only reminds Ella just how much she wants to be a real fairy, do spells, and use Mom’s Computawand!

So, when their family goes on a vacation to Florida, Ella is tempted to cast a spell. Will Ella finally get to be a fairy? Or will she stay a fairy in waiting?

I really loved this book. It was short, but it was just a fun read. I liked how each chapter was a different spell. That made it fun, and easy to follow along with. It also had activities in the back of the book which was cool.

I would suggest this book for younger readers because it has a lot of things that they would think are funny.

This would also be a fun mother-daughter read because it focuses mainly on Ella and her mom. This is the sequel to Fairy Mom and Me, but I don’t think you need to read the first book to understand it.

I highly suggest this book to younger kids and their moms.