A Promising Novel


Aru Shah and the Song of Death by Roshani Chokshi is just as good as the first book of the quartet Aru Shah and the End of Time.

I liked how the book had action from the start, although this would be confusing for people who have not read the first book. There is not a time in the book that recaps the reader on what happened in the last book, so I would highly recommend reading the first book to understand what is going on.

I also thought that most of the characters that have power and influence over others are girls because this shows that they are just as capable as any other hero.

This second adventure is just as fun as the first. It has clever chapter titles, funny pop culture references and many hidden messages, just like the first book.

It can get a little slow at times in the book but it always picks up in pace again, like any good book.

If you do not like books that have mythology and a lot of action in them then this is probably not the book for you.

Aru and her soul-sister and bff Mini track a thief through the Night Bazaar. In doing so they find themselves face to face with Brynne, who is also a Pandava. All three of the Pandava girls are accused of being the thieves. To set the record straight they have ten days to track the real thief, give back the stolen goods to the gods, and to clear up their names. To make matters worse there is an addition to their team, Aiden. The boy who is not a Pandava, the boy that is the new, “cute”, and popular boy at Aru’s school, and the boy that the three girls will have to deal with.