It’s Trevor Noah Born A Crime


Trevor Noah is a comedian and the host of The Daily Show. He recently adapted his book “Trevor Noah Born A Crime” to a children appropriate version named  “It’s Trevor Noah Born A Crime. ” The book is filled with stories from his childhood in South Africa. In the book, he talks about how he grew up during the Apartheid. The Apartheid called for racial segregation in South Africa. It made it so people of different races and skin color couldn’t marry or go to the same restaurants and bathrooms. It was basically the South African version of discrimination. He describes the time he was thrown out of a moving car because the driver got upset at his mother for accepting a ride from someone else that was not from the same tribe. He remembers that because his father was white and his mother was black he wasn’t allowed to walk with mother on the street because he didn’t have the same skin color as her and that, would raise some eyebrows.  The Title “It’s Trevor Noah Born a crime” says it all Trevor Noah is actually a crime. Under the Apartheid, it was illegal for a white male to have a child with a black female or vice versa.

The book is an adapted version for young readers from his original book “ Trevor Noah: Born A Crime”, which I read before this one. The books are almost the exact same except that his first one had lots of bad words. This one for younger readers was also simplified. This book taught me about how It was to live under apartheid which I wouldn’t have learned about in school. I would rate this book a 10 out of 10 because it made me aware of the world around me and how different racism is in the USA. The book is for ages 10 and up because there are some things that might be appropriate for younger kids. But even though discrimination is a heavy topic Trevor Noah did great job lightning it by making the book funny.