Not as Substantial as Hoped


The United States of America has been made great by the people of other countries such as Somalia, Germany, Syria, China, Mexico, and India. The book First Generation by Sandra Neil Wallace and Rich Wallace describes these amazing people very quickly.

People like Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright, basketball player, Dikembe Mutombo, and journalist, Jorge Ramos, are featured in the novel. All of them were immigrants or refugees to the U.S.A., and their sets of skills made the country even better.

All of the people mentioned in the novel are given short biographies that did not give too much information. When I picked up the book I thought that there would be a good amount of description for each immigrant or refugee.

I also thought the people in the book were mostly going to be those that had made a great invention, but most of the people mentioned had made their voice heard by going against barricades.

The immigrants and refugees in the story did a lot of things that were similar to each other so there was a lot of repetition, which made the book a little boring.

Despite those two things, I enjoyed getting to know a little about the history of the people that have helped make the U.S. what it is today. I also finished the book fairly fast since it was a collection of short biographies.

The book is definitely not worth buying because it will not give you enough about each person. If you are having trouble choosing a person to research for a school project this is a good read to borrow from the library.

The best age to read this book is if you are 11 or older because there are some people mentioned in the book that parents would not want their kids reading at a young age. If you older than 15 than you are most likely going to find this book of no help.

The illustrations of each person by Agata Nowicka are exceptional. The detail in each drawing help bring the pages to life.

The content is pure non-fiction so this is not a book for you if you do not like books that are not fiction. On the contrary, you might like the book if you are a fan of non-fiction, but you will probably be a little disappointed since the pages are filled with a small amount of content.