Game is Fun, but Falls Apart


Invasion of the Cow Snatchers is a fun magnet game that my brother and I enjoyed.

The game includes four cow magnets and one bull magnet. It also include 5 crops for the genius level, three barn walls, two crop rows, two hay bales, two fences and one silo. There are 40 easy to super hard cards and 20 genius cards. There is one magnetic UFO and a board with a plastic cover.

You are supposed to be an alien trying to “snatch” up all the cows. The UFO stays on top of the plastic top. You glide it around to grab the magnets. (The magnets are underneath the plastic top.)

You have to avoid the obstacles to collect all the cows. Sounds easy, right? No. you have to collect the red bull last and you have to go over the fences.

There are 3 barn walls that no cows can fit over. You can fit one cow over the crop rows, two cows over the fences and three over the hay bales. So, you have to be very strategic in how you collect the cows so that they will fit over the walls.

The instructions are very clear on what you need to do, and I felt like this was a very simple game to learn. The cards had the solutions on the back though, making it super easy to cheat.

This is a single player game, but my brother and I did well doing every other card.

The only problem we faced was that after 30 minutes of opening the game, the orange magnet wouldn’t work unless you had already collected another magnet or pushed it up with your hand, which was annoying.

We thought that this may have been caused by dropping it on the floor, but the next day the yellow and the pink one had the same problem. This made it irritating to play with three broken magnets.

This is how it will look when you play

Despite these problems, my brother and I had a lot of fun with this game. I would give it an 8 out of 10. If you got this game, I would suggest being extremely careful with the magnets to prevent them from breaking.