Welcome to Wonderland: Book 4 – Beach Battle Blowout


What are Gloria and P. T. up to now? Ever since they had saved the motel, met Cassie McGinty, and found the Twittleham tiara in the first three books of the Welcome to Wonderland series, they’ve got nothing to do. Mr. Frumpkes is as grumpy as usual, P. T. can still spin a good story, and Grandpa still detests the other Walt (Walt Disney) who stole all the business.

Everything is normal until Grandpa finds out that all the bigger attractions are not going to participate for “Florida’s hottest attraction.” He is overjoyed! They finally had a chance at getting recognized for having an amazing attraction!

Now the other Walt might finally be recognized.

The problem is, Grandpa didn’t read the fine print in the magazine article. It turns out that they have to have things to do at the motel. P. T. may think that they have many things to do, but others don’t think the same way.

When the “Fun Castle” opens, all the business goes to them. Just because they have a HUGE mini golf course, laser tag, a roller coaster, frolf (Frisbee/golf), and a huge playground; it doesn’t make them any better than the Wonderland Motel.

The Wonderland Motel has many things to do like: Play mini golf, frolf, sing along with frog karaoke, and eat some of Chef Jimbo’s monkey burgers. That used to seem like enough for all the people at their hotel. Now it seems like nobody cares about all those things. They just want to go to the Fun Castle with all its extravagant attractions and ditch the Wonderland Motel.

Now Gloria and P. T. have to improvise and find some money. With many, many good and bad ideas the Motel seems to be in tip-top shape. Will that is enough for the judges?

All in all, James Patterson has told of yet another wonderful story through P. T., a young schoolboy. This story is full of humor and has many laughs.

Kids ages 8-12 will enjoy this book because of its good humor, ups and downs, and the ability to make you smile.