Pop Culture Con, renamed, renewed.


What do you think when you think of pop culture?

Do you think of Star Wars, The Princess Bride, and Back to the Future?

Do you think of comics with Batman or maybe Black Widow?

Do you think of games, like settlers of Catan and Magic the Gathering?

Maybe legendary stories of dragons and warlocks?

Well, The Denver Pop Culture Con. has it all. Any form of sci-fi and fantasy imaginable. If you cosplay as an alien with seven arms, you’ll get as many pictures as some of the celebrities that took pictures and signed autographs there.

Some of these legends include Dave Bautista, the actor for Drax from Guardians of the Galaxy, Cary Elwes, who plays Westley from The Princess Bride, and Asher Angel, the uprising actor from Shazam!

I managed to snag an interview with a man named Greg Wright, who has been making comics for 5 years, and has a PhD in English. That really paid off for the Michigan man, because now, a TV show will be airing less than a year from now (hopefully) which is a fantasy based on his comic Monstrous.

He also teaches the next generation how to write, as an English professor at Delta College.

And that’s exactly the kind of people at this convention; dedicated, impassioned people who follow their life’s dreams and encourage others to do likewise.

The convention is full of fun and a great place to go. However, there are a few… monetary issues, considering the $30-40 parking fee, the expenses of getting in, which is, on average for one adult for one day, is slightly above $50, then there is the fact that once you go in, you have to pay more money if you want anything.

Along with that, there is an at least 15 minute wait time, and I arrived only 30 minutes after the start, so I presume if you go much later than that there is closer to a 30 minute wait time.

I’d estimate that most people, if they go by every booth, would take a little over 2 ½ hours.

Besides those two restrictions, though, (which you can expect at any attraction like this) the entire experience is very interesting and fun,as long as you are into Sci-Fi and Fantasy.

Another man I interviewed (this time from San Diego), named Matthew Wolf, has an ongoing series called the Ronin Saga.

He has been writing for 13 years, published his first book 3 ½ years ago, and took 8 years to write his first book. However, after he wrote that first book, things clicked into place, and his next one took only 6 months!!

In college, he majored in English, even mastering in it, and he also minored in Japanese and Old English.

Once again, this dedication to what you love and influencing the world because of it is what Pop Culture Con is all about.

After all, if Stan Lee had given up on comics and decided to do baking, per say, so many people would have never found common ground, never known they were so similar, yet different, and that, above all else, not comics, not books, not art, not games, that is what Pop Culture Con’s true purpose is.