Another Top-Notch Flanagan Book

Photo credit from Amazon

“Ranger’s Apprentice: The Royal Ranger – Duel at Araluen” is another terrific book in this fictional world. The world is similar to what we recognize as a medieval time. There are knights and kings and castles and something we may not have thought about: rangers. In this series a ranger is a highly skilled warrior who goes through years of training. They specialize in unseen movement, archery, and planning. They are very good battle planners.

The Ranger’s Apprentice series is a 12-book long saga that everyone should read because it is AWESOME. The 12th book of that series is titled “The Royal Ranger” and is the story of a princess who was put into ranger training and is now trying to save her mother, the queen, from rebellious citizens who are armed and broke into the castle from the inside. “The Royal Ranger” has become a sub-series as well, because “Duel at Araluen” is the third book with “The Royal Ranger” in its title.

This book follows Maddie (the princess) after she snuck out of the castle with her ranger skills while the queen and a few loyal to her are stuck up in a safe house in the south tower.  It shows her journey to find and save her father, the foremost knight in the kingdom from a group of mercenaries. She would never be able to recapture the castle alone so she must get her father and his troop. Her father, Horace, was lured out of the castle with most of the garrison and led to a group of mercenaries hired by the same rebels trapping the queen in the tower. I can’t reveal too much about the book, but it involves fearsome ruffians from across the globe, a siege, and secret tunnels galore.

If you read this book, you should read the others first. I am willing to bet you could get enough context from just reading the first and second Royal Ranger books, but the best way to go is to read all of the Rangers apprentice books. John Flanagan has built himself a novel empire it seems. He has the Rangers Apprentice series, and then The Royal Ranger series, and then the Brotherband Chronicles about previously mentioned travelling ruffians, and he has The Early Days series, witch is the prequel to Ranger’s Apprentice. They are all beyond super interesting, and THAT is a good summer reading project.