Teen Book

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“Positively Teen: A Practical Guide to a More Positive, More Confident You” by Nicola Morgan is a how-to book that focuses on you, attitude, health, brain, people, and mood. The goal of the book is to help teens understand how to live healthier lives.

The ‘you’ section is about knowing yourself and understanding that different people have
different lives. It talks about empathy which is the ability to take your own emotions and think through how you would feel and understand how someone else may be feeling in that same situation.
The ‘attitude’ section focuses on having a positive look on life and being open-minded. Focusing on things that you can control and setting goals. For example, focusing on your food and drink and not to worry about things like your genes and things that happened to you in your early childhood which you cannot control.
The ‘health’ section is about having a good diet, drinking, electronics, and overall fitness. One tip she provides is to eat fruits and vegetables from every color of the rainbow which will ensure you get a variety of vitamins and minerals.
The ‘brain’ section explains the different parts of the brain. It also explores how you can use different parts of the brain for different activities. An example here is that one can try new things or take something you’ve done before and try to do it differently. This helps trigger your brain growth.
The ‘people’ section mainly focuses on talking face-to-face with others, the importance of friendships and helping others. She includes some suggestions on how to start conversations with new people.
The ‘mood’ section focuses on stress, environments, and how your senses can play into your mood. Listening to music while you work to help you get into the zone is one idea she shares in this section.

This obviously is not a novel. It is more of a text book with each chapter telling you what you should do for a healthier life, why, and a list of ways to do it. This was not my kind of book. It seems to be a bit aimed more towards girls. For me, this didn’t seem to be realistic as far as catching my interest, and it did not motivate me. Parents may be a better audience for the book