Zax Axe Falls Short (and Off the Wall)


Zax Axe sounded like a really fun idea. It is lightweight, which means that it does not cause permanent damage to furniture or children (or maybe adults, depending where you swing it). The fact that it is shaped like an axe made it seem a good choice for kids who enjoy to play-fight with each other. However, my high hopes fell to the ground along with the toy.

The foam axe appeared to be a nice toy, but I soon learned that there was not much to do with a foam axe and three suction cups also made of foam. It has a maximum of 30 seconds for keeping itself on a glossy surface, and does not stick to a rough surface at all. The Zax Axe wears out; the foam got ripped up, and the cups stopped suctioning as well as they used to within two weeks of playing with it.

Zax Axe is based on a good idea, but with terrible follow-through. The fact that the handle and the axe “blade” deteriorates quickly makes for a less fun toy over a short period of time. I would rate it 5 out of 10 and recommend it for ages 3 and up (if you are willing to spend ten dollars for a toy that wears out rapidly).