The Bookies Bookstore – Summer Reading Bingo


Is bingo really just for elderly people? The Bookies Bookstore proves us wrong. At this bookstore, summer reading isn’t bland. You can spice it up with an entertaining summer reading bingo sheet.

You don’t have to be just one age, you can be an elementary schooler, a middle schooler, and a high schooler. Each age group has its own different bingo sheet. You can earn a  five dollar certificate to the store for the first row that you complete. Likewise, if you complete the whole bingo chart you can get entered to win fifty dollars to the store. You actually have a good shot at winning because this year they are giving out one hundred and fifty dollars. The odds last year were 1:50, so this year they’ll be even better.

Ema, age nine, says, “It’s a great way to earn free money while having fun reading!” This is quite agreeable.

All you have to do to sign up is fill out the child’s name, the adult email address, and the adult phone number

To obtain the money you can do tasks as easy as reading a book or sending a thank you note to your favorite author. You can also do things as hard as reading a book that you thought was too long and too hard.

“Even though we may lose a lot of money and projects like these, it doesn’t matter because we got some other kid to read a book.” – Luke Henderson, The Bookies owner.

This reading bingo is a hit this year, but was it last year? It was a baby superhero theme so many older kids thought it looked babyish and decided not to participate. This year they decided that the superheroes were a flop and that they would rather just make it normal. They made three age groups with age appropriate reading things to do. That will definitely work out a lot better.

All in all, Bookies Bingo sounds like an exciting activity to improve your summer. You should go to this bookstore and check out the bingo today .