Zion National Park- It’s amazing!


Looking for adventure and outdoor excitement? Go to Zion national park!  This national park is located in Southwest Utah. There you will see amazing hanging gardens,  breathtaking waterfalls, and fantastic thousand year old rock structures! Zion is full of beautiful hikes, bike trials,and amazing scenery! There was a beautiful bike ride, and two hikes that truly blew me a way. There were cacti along the paths, and when it rained, the red sand ran off the rocks and turned the Virgin river that runs through Zion RED! There are buses to take you on these hikes, and a visitors station with a gift shop. Many famous views are in Zion, like the Weeping Rock, that looks like it’s crying. It’s only a 0.4 mile hike to the rock from the shuttle.  Angels Landing is a popular hike about 3 miles one way that finishes on a high cliff with a spectacular view. Narrows is considered the prettiest part of the park, but was recently closed because of all the rain. Emerald pools is a hike to a pond that has an Emerald green color, caused by minerals from the pond.

On the shuttle, you will see the Three Patriarchs which are sandstone cliffs that represent the three prophets from the Bible; Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. The Hanging Garden is next to weeping rock, and once you get to the view point, there are tons of flowers and blossoms hanging from the rock above. My favorite hike was the Weeping wall, because it had beautiful plants that you can’t normally see in Colorado.


Zion is a 14 hour drive from Denver, and it passes by other national parks such as Arches, Canyonlands, Glen Canyon (Lake Powell) and Bryce. Zion is a beautiful park that shows Utah’s natural beauty and has accessible hikes for all ages.