Spider-Man: Far From Home


You may think that it is just another Spider-Man movie coming out but its not. Spider-Man: Far From Home is the best way you could spend 2 hours and 15 minutes. This Marvel movie was amazing. As always the graphics and action scenes made it so you can never look away. Tom Holland stars as Peter Parker again and Zendaya does a wonderful job playing MJ. Actually – Happy, Ned, his teachers and old friends from previous Spider-Man movies are a real hit. They kept me laughing from start to finish.  In case you don’t know you should stay to the finish of every Marvel movie. There is almost always extra scenes and in Spider-Man: Far From Home make sure you wait extra long for TWO extra scenes after TWO sets of credits.

Peter Parker wants to be a normal kid and have a normal summer. He and his friends plan to go on a school trip to Europe. But Nick Fury and Maria have other plans for him. They need him to help fill Tony Starks shoes. Peter doesn’t feel ready and wants to stay as the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. He doesn’t want to take over such a big job so ignores Nick over and over and over again. Peter heads off on his vacation. Nick still finds ways to get to Peter while on his vacation. Which creates a lot of funny situations and some bad language. Nick forces Peter to deal with him and a gift that Tony Stark left to Peter. Meanwhile Elementals (which are monsters made from the elements Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water) invade Peter’s school trip to Europe and we meet the new hero Mysterio. Mysterio is played by Jake Gyllenhaal. Mysterio becomes a friend that Spider-man can talk to and trust. The Elementals seem to attack wherever Peter and his friends go. This is where the action gets going and Spider-Man has to make a choice between vacation, his plan for MJ, and saving the world.  

I hope we don’t have to wait too long for another Spider-Man movie. Spider-Man: Far From Home has a great ending. Because  it leaves you with a major cliffhanger. Plus I have to know what happens with Happy, May, MJ, and Peter. This one had a ton of comedy, action (but not over the top action), and side stories. I personally think that this Marvel movie should be for kids 10 and up. You should definitely see Avengers: Endgame before you see Spider-Man: Far From Home. I loved it so much because it was action packed and it was very funny+exciting.

So on July 2, grab your webs and head to the movie theaters.


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