Yesterday, a good movie seemed so far away, now Yesterday is here to stay


Yesterday is a fun and enjoyable movie of balancing opportunity and fame with friends and your roots, and how money may not always be the priority. It is essentially about the Beatles suddenly ceasing to exist, and only Jack (the main character, played by Himesh Patel) remembers them. His small time solo performer career is suddenly turned around when he releases a massive amount of hit “original” songs. This then takes you on a delightful journey of fame, hard decisions, and maybe even a bit of romance. This story is well done and really presents some interesting thoughts and messages, along with a good plot and good characters. However, I felt a few parts they could have built up a little more, made it even better, because they were a little disappointing. In addition, certain characters were undeveloped and undefined. For instance, a character named Rockie (Joel Fry) switches from kinda rude and thoughtless to polite and caring. Some of these shifts down grade the story a bit, but overall it is still very well crafted and has enjoyable characters that are just flawed enough to still be lovable but not overly perfect. The comedy contained in this movie is well done and enjoyable. So if you’re looking for a laugh, this movie could definitely be a good option, although some of the humor may be inappropriate for younger audiences, hence the PG-13 rating. Although, younger children might not want to go anyway seeing as they make a lot of references to things from the time of the Beatles. So, some humor and overall plot would be hard for younger children to understand anyway, especially since the entire premise is around the Beatles, so best to not have anyone not old enough to know a fair amount about that time period to come. The movie may be fun and some might see it as just a comedy, romance, or musical, but it is fairly thought-provoking as well, providing the watchers an opportunity to really think about more and beyond just this movie. The entire thought of the implications of something just being wiped away having such a large effect is just astounding, and you could think on it for three days straight and still have more that you could think about. This story could be taken as an inspiring ‘miracles do happen’ movie or a funny RomCom, so it really has something for everyone. Along with that, there are several cameos. Among these, and the most prominent, is Ed Sheeran, and even though he doesn’t act, his job still gives him enough proficiency at it that he can still act very well and doesn’t distract from the story. Altogether, though, it is an engaging story for everyone old enough to love the Beatles, and I would personally recommend to the vast majority of people. This multi-genre movie really just gives us all something, with romance, comedy, musical, and thought-provoking elements. Now go buy some tickets before this movie is erased, too!!