Hey Warrior, a Great Book On Anxiety for Kids


“Hey Warrior,” by Karen Young, is an excellent gift choice for a child. 

“Hey Warrior” is a book on what anxiety is, where it starts, and what to do with it. It is not a chapter book, but it has lots of great illustrations to go with each page.

It starts off teaching kids about where anxiety originates, in the amygdala (uh-MIG-da-la). It has a page for you to name your amygdala, so that when you feel nervous, you can address it. 

It has lots of tips for when you feel nervous. Some of them are to take deep breaths and another one is to tell your amygdala the truth, i.e. “I can do this!” It has another page on why you feel the way you feel when you are anxious, like why you might not feel hungry. It also has a page for you to select awesome things about yourself.

I feel like this is a book directed for all kids; even adults like it! I loved the activities and naming your amygdala. Most of all, I really enjoyed knowing why I feel certain symptoms when I get nervous. 

It’s really easy to understand, so I think it’s great for younger kids too. I think that his is a great book to read (although it’s a little hard to find!) and it makes a great gift. I think this is a must-have on every child’s shelf.