Adventures or Misadventures


Middle School Misadventures Jason Platt is a unique book, but also inspiring because of what he does to make the talent show teacher and other people in the talent show believe that he is not bad at everything.

The book goes on slowly as you read but at the end you find out what he does that I call inspiring.
What’s your favorite part of middle school? As Newell would say there is no favorite part of middle school except going home. Welcome to Garfield Middle School. [ Where all nightmares come to life] The boy on the cover is Newell, who has a mean teacher that might send him to summer school if he is late again, and of course he is late again because he is very forgetful.

Newell has a friend named Collin who is sometimes helpful, funny, rambunctious, or unhelpful. He is helpful when he saves him once from the talent show when Newell was late.

Newell got signed up for the talent show to do something very embarrassing in front of, about 500 people so he changed his act.

Newell and Collin make up things along the way but there are distractions and the biggest distraction of all is a girl named Clara.

Clara is very annoying and always wants to annoy Collin and Newell. She is so annoying that Newell made a chart of “Clara’s levels of annoyance!” Newell especially dislikes her because she signed Newell up for the talent show.

At first Newell was happy with Clara because his name had to be first on the sign up sheet for the talent show in order to stay out of summer school and Clara wrote his first and her’s second. But when their friends told Newell to look, they became enemies again.

I would recommend this book to 3rd-6th graders. A 6th grader would like to read  a funny story about a couple of middle schoolers who are funny, annoying, some talented, and all with big imaginations, while it’s good for grades below because they’d like to see some funny and unique actions that could happen.

I liked this book because they explained it well so it was really easy to change the characters to people in my everyday life. I hope you enjoy the book too!