King of Monsters


Isn’t Godzilla the King of all Monsters?

In Godzilla he is the King of Monsters right. Well, he was but someone else what’s to take that away from him, someone bigger,better, and new, someone like a three headed dragon like Ghidorah…

When Godzilla first came five years ago he devastated things and people and families. Mark and Emma Russell(Kyle Chandler and Vera Farmiga) were one of the families that lost their child Andrew Russell(Tyler Crumley) so they only had a daughter Maddison( Millie Bobby Brown). Over time Mark(Chandler) and Emma(Farmiga) got divorced because Mark( Chandler) starting drinking and Emma( Farmiga) did not like it one bit. Dr. Emma (Farmiga) worked for a company that studies them. Godzilla might have been gone for five years but their were still other ‘‘Monsters’’ around.
Dr. Emma( Farmiga) Had a device called the orca it was like a communicator to the monsters and it also could calm it down. Some other people wanted the orca to so they went to her lab and killed everybody except her and her daughter. Dr. Emma(Farmiga) wanted to save the world and so did Jonah Alan(Charles Dance), he was part of the secret group that wanted to keep all the dinosaurs alive. Dr. Emma(Farmiga) told Monarch their plan ( Monarch is a company that has her ex husband) and they thought she was crazy because their releasing all the monsters because they think God made them and he did not want our planet to be destroyed.
Dr. Emma(Farmiga) released them and when they released Ghidorah(Jason Liles, Alan Maxson, and Richard Dorton) he took over challenging all the other monsters and ‘killed’ Godzilla or he thought he did. In the water Godzilla had a home in the water where he was born so he went back in his home. They needed him to let their planet survive and there was someone else who wanted him. Mothah the Queen of monsters. Godzilla arose again from his birth place a hidden area in the water.When Godzilla came he heard the orca so he followed it and so did “King’’ Ghidorah and in the end with the help of Mothah, Godzilla killed Ghidorah.
The movie was exciting and had a lot of cliffhangers that you sometimes found the answer to. I would suggest the age group like 6-to a grown up. I think the movie was really good over all because I liked seeing new monsters trying to take over. My favorite monsters were Godzilla and Mothah. I liked Mothah because when she helped bring back Godzilla she looked incredible, she was glowing and looked like an angel but an animal. I liked Godzilla he would always fight back and when everyone thought he was gone they got signals from him and he was going to be okay. Please watch this movie soon.