The Mysterious Benedict Society Reconvenes


Nine years ago, Reynie, Sticky, Kate, and Constance defeated the villainous Ledroptha Curtain and his henchmen, the Ten Men. Since then, the Mysterious Benedict Society members went their own separate ways. Now, they need to save the world yet again. The Ten Men have joined forces with a telepath to achieve their goal of global destruction, and it seems like the Society is all that is standing between them and the rest of the planet. Follow their adventures as they scramble to capture the Ten Men in The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Riddle of Ages by Trenton Lee Stewart.

When the Ten Men escape prison and start wreaking havoc in Stonetown, the Society goes undercover to put them back where they belong. Constance leads a five year-old telepath named Tai Li to their hideout to protect him from the Ten Men’s telepath and they have to look after him, making their workload more difficult. The Society picks up on a trail of clues that reveals the Ten Men’s plan for world domination and they follow them back to the place where it all began: Nomansan Island.

Stewart takes you on a most compelling journey. The dilemmas and riddles are so puzzling that they tie your brain into knots. It starts to make you wonder exactly how smart these kids are (spoiler alert: very smart). Every chapter is filled with plot twists and cliffhangers. Just when you think a battle is going to go one way, the tables turn. From fangirls and shenanigans to showdowns and snarky commentary, there is never a dull moment in The Riddle of Ages.

This book has all that we have come to love: daring adventures, true friendship, and Constance’s rhymes. Fans of the series will love this novel and new readers will be ecstatic to discover the world of the Mysterious Benedict Society. Due to references to the previous three books, I would not suggest this book before the others. I would recommend this book to ages 8+ and rate it 10 out of 10 for the amazing storyline. Stewart crafted this book into what will likely be a bestseller.