Cherry Creek’s One-of-a-Kind Festival


With over 245 national artists in attendance, the Cherry Creek Arts Festival has glass art to pottery and ceramics. You can find just about anything including statues big and small as well as painted and photographed pieces. This year’s festival was the 29th annual. Each year over the course of three days, the festival offers incredible art, amazing local food trucks, and live music performances.

The festival spans across many blocks, so make sure to wear or bring comfortable walking shoes and sunscreen. There were plenty of food options for the family, but the lines may be long. My family and I made sure to arrive early before it got too hot and wasn’t as crowded as the festival is a very popular attraction.

While walking around the festival, I saw incredible pieces of art. There were a woven glass and blown glass booths, handmade jewelry and clothing. When looking at the art, it seemed unreal that people had worked on this by hand and had made it by their own design. 

A few things I noticed was that there were a few of the latest trends that could be seen between some of the vendors. Quite a lot of the photography booths were in black and white, a few of the jewelry designers had geometric designs. If you are looking for art inspiration or just want to look at other artists’ work, this is the perfect place to go!

For those with younger siblings or children, the ARTivity Avenue is the perfect place for the kids to create paintings or crafts of their own. Along Culinary Avenue, you can find a large variety of local food trucks.

Roughly 330,000 visitors come to the arts festival every year as well as inspiring many students from participating schools to have the opportunity to understand and appreciate art more deeply. The students get a chance to participate as a young ARTrepreneur to represent their school when buying the art using a budget donated Janus Henderson. After buying the art, the students then get to present what they have bought to a panel of art experts and the visitors of the festival.