Scribble Stuff


The “25 Piece Set Writing Essentials” kit by Scribble Stuff is an impressive collection of pencils and pens! It will be on sale at Walmart during the back to school season in 2019. The collection includes four highlighters, a push up eraser, four mechanical pencils, eight felt pens, and eight gel pens. 

The highlighters are very bright and colorful, but they do have downsides. My first thought on getting them to work was to let the ink seep into the tip, because the tip was white. Then, I discovered that you had to push down on the tip for the it to be filled with ink. You might want to use a tissue when you do this because it splattered onto my fingers when I tried. I did notice that while you drew, it oozed and bled through the paper. A cool feature on these is that there isn’t an ink tube, but the bottom of the pen is translucent, so you can see the ink. 

There is only one eraser, but it might have been my favorite thing out of the whole set. It has a pen-like lid and three different cartridges. The only downside with this part is that the cartridges are slippery and may sink when you push the eraser hard enough. I tested this on colored pencils and regular ones, and the result was best on graphite pencils. The colored one didn’t erase at all, while the graphite one left almost no trace. It was very easy to use and control. 

The mechanical pencils were really neat. They worked like a regular mechanical pencil and the erasers were made of the same material as the push up eraser. There are three pieces of lead per pencil and there is also a grip on the pencil, which was a good addition. However, when you run out of lead, there isn’t a marking on the pencil to tell you what the size is. It is noted on the box, but I think this could be stated on the pencil itself, so that you don’t have to worry about forgetting. 

I didn’t notice much wrong with the felt tip pens, other than the caps are a little bit difficult to pull off. They worked immediately and the colors were bold. Something included that seemed to be useful for artists was a blackish-gray colored pen. 

Last but certainly not least, are the gel pens. These also had a good color variety and grips, much like the mechnical pencils. There was lots of ink in each tube, so you can use them for a fairly long time. They didn’t have any breaks or dry spots where they broke off at all, it was very smooth to write with, plus they work instantly.  

To conclude, this is a wonderful medley of colors and back to school utensils. If I didn’t already have it, I would buy this for my upcoming school year. All of this information was also gathered on standard printer paper.