“Being able to communicate is one of the most important things you can do” this is what Ronan O’Shea part of the MET media group said. The magic of radio became more and more evident the more he talked about his passion of media. If you walked into the MET media room on any given day you might find students recording a podcast or going on the school radio live being a DJ talking about politics, sports or even video games family members, friends and of course other students can listen to the radio or podcasts it is really simple for students who want to get some practice before becoming real media professionals to get some hands on experience. If you’re a student at MET and you want to have a podcast about politics you will come in with whoever you are interviewing and sit down on one side of a glass panel with headphones, an apple sized fuzzy microphone, a mixing board which controls the volume and some monitors showing the volume and music/sounds that you are playing you will start the show while your guest(s)sit on the other side of the glass with a microphone and headphone set this opportunity isn’t just for students to have fun though you try having a conversation through a glass panel with a microphone the size of an apple and giant headphones see if it doesn’t get a little awkward. These students need practice talking (even though it’s awkward) on radio and MET is giving them the best they can get.